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Limited Liability Company «Balashovskiy Sugar Factory» is a successfully developing company with more than a half-century experience of sugar manufacturing.

White sugar is the main product of the factory. Apart from white sugar «Balashovskiy Sugar Factory» LLC produces and sells other products resulting from sugar beet processing, namely molasses and sugar beet pulp.

The quality of the sugar produced by «Balashovskiy Sugar Factory» LLC complies with all international standards and regulations.

Quality control of the goods we produce is performed by a laboratory equipped in compliance with all modern standards on every stage of technological process starting from acceptance of raw materials delivery up to shipment of goods to the buyers.

Sugar manufactured by «Balashovskiy Sugar Factory» LLC is produced from sugar beet growing in ecologically clean and fertile regions.

The company is actively working on expanding its artificial fields. We are providing favorable conditions for cooperation and practical assistance in beet seeding to our partners - agricultural producers.

Over the last decade significant funds have been invested in the modernization of production and improvement of technological processes. It helped to increase plant’s processing capacity up to 2500 tons of sugar beet per day.

Our core priority is environmental care and ensuring of industrial and environmental safety. By the year 2014 we plan to switch completely to waste-free production. For that reason modern equipment is currently being put into operation by the plant.

«Balashovskiy Sugar Factory» LLC is a town-forming enterprise that actively participates in charity and other social events. 650 employment places generously paid up are provided by the efficient functioning of the sustainable developing company.

High quality of our products and responsibility enabled «Balashovskiy Sugar Factory» LLC to gain confidence of our partners proving efficiency and competitiveness of the company on sugar market.