Main products

«Balashovskiy Sugar Factory» LLC produces and delivers the following goods:

White sugar produced by «Balashovskiy Sugar Factory» LLC is a high-quality and environmentally sound product from sugar beet that is used to sweeten the food and provides a great source of energy for human body.

White sugar is packed in 50 kg polypropylene bags with polyethylene inserts.


Delivery is exercised under the terms and conditions of ex works otherwise by railway transport to the consignee.

Molasses is a complementary product of sugar production.


Molasses (as a syrup) is used in cookery to sweeten the food, as well as in alcohol production and farm livestock animals’ feeding.


Delivery is exercised both by road-tanker (on condition of ex works) and railway tank wagons.

Sugar beet-pulp in grain form is an exhausted and extracted sugar beet cut.


Sugar beet-pulp is used as a source raw material for biogas units and a pollution-safe fuel for boiler-house plants as well asin livestock animals’ feeding.


Delivery of sugar beet-pulp is carried out in bulk by the road transport of the buyer.


«Balashovskiy Sugar Factory» LLC produces only certified products, corresponding to GOST requirements (state standard), SanPiN (sanitary regulations and standards) and technic specifications.

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